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Our knowledge and experience from many years of producing colour and additive masterbatch has been put to optimal use in our combination products. The result is a multitude of ready-made formulas featuring advantages like easier dosing, rapid dispersion, cost efficiency and advantages in storage in comparison with individual products.

Product quality advantages

As there are no dosing instructions when it comes to using combination masterbatch and the product specifications are clearly defined, you will be able to achieve consistent product quality even when using them at numerous locations.  This means you can minimize risk of dosing errors and achieve better end product quality by using predispersed raw materials. Using combination masterbatch also ensures that less “foreign” polymer makes it into your end product because as the carrier polymer only comes from one masterbatch.

Financial advantages

The combination masterbatch offers financial advantages through reduced raw material costs. As far as quality is concerned, you save time because only one contact is needed, which improves both accountability and your insurance coverage.  

The use of combination masterbatch offers you many advantages. Let us talk about your project and how to use combination masterbatch for the production of your products.

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