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EveryDay Products

Based on our many years of experience and our specific expertise, we have developed the EveryDay Products product range.

They combine temperature stability with excellent pigment dispersion, are easy to process and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Maxithen EveryDay Products are produced regularly, are in stock and available quickly and easily.

EveryDay White Masterbatch

Maxithen EveryDay White products are characterized by the use of high-quality titanium dioxide and are EU and FDA approved. They are particularly suitable for film, extrusion, blow molding and injection molding applications.

EveryDay Black Masterbatch

Maxithen EveryDay Black products are easy-to-use, ultra-fine black pigment particles with the highest concentration of carbon possible. They are particularly suitable for foils, tapes, plates, profiles, pipes, polymer foams, cable insulation and injection molding.

EveryDay Additive Masterbatch

Maxithen EveryDay Additives are characterized by many years of experience and ease of use. They are particularly suitable for foils, tapes, plates, profiles, pipes, polymer foams, cable insulation and for injection molding.

Benefits of EveryDay Products

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If you still have questions about our EveryDay or you want to order some, contact us directly.

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