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The plastics industry faces growing demands for sustainability and environmental friendliness. Our compatibilizers elevate recycled polymers to a new level of quality. Through the precise tuning of additives, we enable the creation of high-quality end products. MAXILOOP compatibilizers not only provide outstanding compatibility between different polymers to counteract processing issues, but they also optimize the mechanical properties of the end products. This leads to enhanced performance, improved recyclability of post-consumer and post-industrial recyclates, and expanded application possibilities.

Customized Solutions

We are aware that every field of application has different requirements. Our engineers have therefore created a series that is suitable in a wide range of applications and tailored to the specific requirements of our customer’s products.

Our compatibilizers elevate recycled polymers to a new level of quality.

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Some Applications of Compatibilizers


Recycling of multilayer film waste

During the recycling of PE or PP multilayer films with PA6, PA66, or EVOH barrier layers, processing defects such as streaks and gels often occur. These defects arise due to the different polarities and flow properties of the polymers.

This is where our MAXILOOP HP7AB4780COM Compatibilizer Masterbatch can help. It improves homogeneity during processing by increasing interfacial adhesion between the polymers. This leads to more stable processing conditions and higher product quality, especially in blown film production.


Recycling of polystyrene

The use of recycled polystyrene (rPS) often poses challenges due to high dust formation, brittleness, and low impact resistance. Conventional solutions like SBS polymers worsen the mechanical properties of rPS through oxidation and degradation.

Our MAXILOOP EMA7AB4820MOD Compatibilizer offers a sustainable solution to improve the impact resistance and tensile strength of rPS without the drawbacks of SBS. It makes rPS less susceptible to degradation and aging, enhancing its quality and application possibilities.

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