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About us
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Our procurement vision

Our goal is to operate a professional procurement management at all levels. Our group-independent actions are always company-orientated and support our company goals to the best of our knowledge and conscience. We carefully select suitable high-performing supply partners that follow our ideology ‘innovative, ecological, economical and social’ without question. This has meant we are creating the foundation for a network of long-term business relationships. We minimise procurement risk, ensure supply and make the best possible contribution to the company’s success using modern management dashboards.

Long-term partnerships

Under our motto ‘Bringing Life to Plastics’, our whole company group stands for quality, innovation and sustainability.

Our procurement policy for production materials and non-production materials is based on our company goals. Our procurement philosophy focuses on long-term collaborative cooperations.

We rely on high-performing, innovative and completely reliable supply partners so that we can impress our customers with long-term quality standards as well as new ideas and innovations. This collaborative cooperation is the cornerstone of the continuous optimisation of all relevant performance aspects in our value creation chain, forming the basis for mutual success.

Our promise

Gabriel-Chemie is obligated to carrying out our business while upholding the highest ethical standards as well as applicable law.

These values guide our actions as a company each and every day. They apply to our actions within the company group as well as our collaborations with suppliers and other business partners.

As a globally active company, Gabriel-Chemie is well aware of its social, societal and environmental responsibility regarding upholding legal requirements and basic ethics, and puts this into practice in full.

Zuverlässlichkeit auf allen Ebenen

What do we buy?

As a specialist for a variety of master batch formulations, we procure various kinds of raw materials across a range of different purchase forms. When procuring non-production materials and services, we also trust in reliable partners with products and services that will support and ensure our supply chain at the highest level.

  • polymers

  • additives

  • colorant

  • titanium dioxide

  • Machines & Plants

  • technical equipment

  • Maintenance & Spare Parts

  • packaging & supplies

  • energy

  • Corporate Services

  • ICT & Services

  • Office & Business Supplies

  • Marketing & Communication

  • Vehicle fleet & logistics

Sustainability in

Raw material management

Gabriel-Chemie places great importance on ecological approaches and takes its environmental responsibility very seriously. That’s why we are taking a key step forwards when it comes to sustainability too. By involving sustainable raw materials in ongoing projects, we are positioning ourselves as the master batch partner of the future. We also expect our supply partners to make a professional statement on this topic as well as to display eco-conscious and proactive behaviour in matters of sustainable procurement management.

The 5 columns of our procurement aims

Procurement markets

Investigate procurement markets with European focus, benchmarking & best practice

Material supply

Constantly safeguard direct and indirect needs qualitatively, regulatively and sustainably


Always use a holistic approach to implement cost saving potentials

Supply chain

Carry out ongoing improvement processes along our supply chain

Project planning

Initiate innovation, development and value analysis projects

Our requirements

Become a supplier now

Supply partners and their ranges are selected together with central group Development and Regulative departments. 

Based on objective and understandable criteria, we evaluate the overall performance of our suppliers using a ‘modern supplier management system’.

Our supply partners’ willingness to innovate, along with their technical advice and support, leads to constant product optimisation.

This is particularly important to guarantee the continuation of our sites, further ensure their competitiveness and build market shares.

What we expect from

Our supply partners

  • All deliveries compliant with the highest level of quality

  • Highest service level for services & support

  • Complaint rate target of 0%

  • Minimum on-time delivery requirement >= 95%

  • Integrated QM system / willingness to audit, Registration and self-information on our landing page

  • Proactive communication regarding business process changes

  • Information about regulative, market, product and patent changes

  • Short reaction times in operative processing

  • Willingness to innovate and contribute to value analysis

  • The latest ecological and social aspects within company management

Become a Supplier for Gabriel-Chemie

Gabriel-Chemie is always on the lookout for new potential suppliers in almost all areas. However, this does not mean that we constantly change our suppliers; quite the opposite, Gabriel-Chemie places great value on stability and continuity. Nevertheless, in today's fast-paced global economy, it is essential to conduct a constant and proactive evaluation of the procurement market. This is one of the success factors to meet the future, dynamic market demands.

New supplier applications are exclusively accepted via our application portal! All applications are evaluated, approved based on situation, and processed further. The central procurement team will respond positively to incoming applications where necessary.

Conditions & Requirements

Conformity Conditions

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