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Masterbatch for medical products

With the development of the Maxithen® MED series, we have created a range of products for the medical technology sector characterised by the highest quality and offering low dosage and easy processing.

Continuity through 40 years of masterbatch experience in the field of MED with complete documentation security.

Plastic, the medical marvel

Cutting-edge medicine without plastics – would be impossible today. It is the outstanding and flexible properties of plastics in particular that make this material so attractive and important for medical technology.

Unlike glass, metal or ceramics, plastic scores with its ease of processing, fracture resistance, low weight and the possibility of designing it for specific requirement profiles.

Certified quality

The requirements for products in the medical field are exceptionally high, which includes the consistently high quality of the raw materials.

In order to meet the high demands, we are available with our new medical competence center in Germany for all inquiries in the field of masterbatch production for the medical sector and are certified according to the EN ISO 13485 standard (quality management system for medical products). Our EN ISO 13485 status offers multiple advantages due to risk diminishing and quality improvement and it enables highest standards for production planing, mixing, production itself filling and storage.

Our Maxithen® MED series consists of a range of colour masterbatch for almost all production technologies as well as a wide range of applications, including the colouring of needle holders.

Needle holder according to ISO 6009

With our Maxithen® MED series, we offer a range of colour masterbatch for the colouring of needle holders. The colours comply with the international ISO 6009 standard that aims to enable the quick visual recognition of needle diameters for injections. The colours used for the identification of the needles are available as transparent or covering colours. The colour code correlates with normal, thin and extra-thin wall thicknesses of the needle.

Masterbatches designed for ISO 10993

Gabriel-Chemie Group offers a range of masterbatches which is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 10993. This product range consists in PE and PP based carrier masterbatches as well as laser marking colour-additive masterbatches.

The product range helps reduce product development time due to being ready-made products. We support our customers through a solid technical support and, of course, through an extensive product documentation. The product range was not tested on animals in an attempt to avoid animal pain.

  • Press Release ISO 10993

Colour Masterbatch

NIR - detectable

NIR detectable colours enable the sensible sorting of already used products and fair recycling - a trend that will also quickly gain acceptance in the medical sector.

Gabriel-Chemie offers an extensive range of NIR-detectable colours in compliance with medical regulations.

Additiv - Masterbatch

Functional additives give important attributes to medical plastic devices.

1) Laser marking

Our laser additive masterbatch allows contact-free, permanent marking or labeling of plastics and creates a very high contrast on the surfaces to be marked. The laser technology is particularly suitable for UDI (Unique Device Identification) established by FDA as the label is chemically resistant, sterilisation-resistant and approved for direct contact with food, and at the same time does not change the properties of the marked product.

2) X-ray Tracer

For procedures, the detectability of existing plastic items/products/objects is crucial. Plastic components are equipped so that they are recognisable by X-ray machines.

3) Anti-Flame

For the infrastructure of health facilities, we provide flame-retardant additives, which can of course be halogen-free if desired. Our flame-retardant masterbatch is designed in accordance with numerous international construction standards.

4) TagTec

Markers (taggant particles) added to the masterbatch create an intelligent plastic that can be used in a variety of applications. It carries the added information like DNA. Which information, you define. It enables the monitoring of series numbers, identity recognition (anticounterfeit), production control (Industry 4.0), dosage control, dispersion and thickness thickness monitoring as well as item separation (recycling).


Our expertise and market knowledge result from decades of experience in the medical field, thanks to which we are now in a position to meet almost all requirements in terms of colours and functional additives.

Thanks to our decades of experience in the production of masterbatch for medical products, we are amongst the market leaders in Europe in this segment. Our employees in Product Stewardship have extensive knowledge of product and raw materials and are familiar with country-specific regulations. The support of a group with 9 locations ensures delivery continuity and seamless supply.

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