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Colour Vision N° 20

The creation of the 20th edition of our inspiring Colour Vision collection has incorporated the trend themes of sustainability and spirituality. Accordingly, the two themes of our Colour Vision N°20 are SUSTAINABILITY and SPIRITUALITY, which is also reflected in the selected colours, effects and polymers. 'The entire collection reflects the current zeitgeist, which is about being conscious of the environment and resources, as well as being mindful of oneself and Mother Earth.

The SUSTAINABILITY theme is all about the principles of sustainability and a functioning Circular Economy. The newly created colours - natural and in earthy tones - stand for sustainability. But the materials used, such as PCR (post consumer recycling) and PIR (post industrial recycling) polymers, also address the issue. The range is complemented by a newly developed additive that also makes it possible to make dark plastic articles detectable in the recycling process and therefore possible to sort: an important step for the Circular Economy. The same applies to the unique Taggant Technology (TagTec for short), using which information can be stored (invisibly) directly in the plastic article and read out with sensors. A plastic article is thus given an invisible fingerprint, so to speak, and therefore becomes possible to authenticate.

A perfect complement to the SUSTAINABILITY colour palette are the colours from the second theme block SPIRITUALITY. They carry aspects of mindfulness and offer fascinating impressions. The colour spectrum of the Spirituality theme ranges from vibrant reds and purples, to energetic yellows and golds, to various shades of blue.

The Colour Vision N° 20 colour collection is aimed at designers, product developers and plastic article manufacturers. It serves as inspiration, but at the same time calls for a more conscious approach to our environment and the resources we have.


Colours, effects and additives for plastic products with a sustainable history.



Effective colour variations for fascination & deceleration


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